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MachineLink is a fully white-labeled, advanced telematics platform purpose-built for OEMs.

Benefit Overview

White Labeled
White Labeled

Brand our telematics platform as your own without spending millions of dollars developing and maintaining. Begin realizing the benefits of your own telematics platform without the cost and risk.

Turn-Key Solution
Turn-Key Solution

Don't worry about piecing a solution together. Our platform is a turn key end to end solution that includes a full customer interface, robust backend and includes full support to suit scale.

Hardware Agnostic
Hardware Agnostic

Pick from thousands of devices or custom build one to fit your needs. We are hardware agnostic and can integrate with anything. We also have hardware experts on staff to help you determine what devices make sense for you.

Powerful Features, Reports, & Alerts
Powerful Features, Reports, & Alerts

Every current or future planned feature, report, and alert is always included. This guarantees you will always get access to all the benefits off our platform so your solution will remain up to date and relevant.

Your Technology Partner
Your Technology Partner

We developed our platform from the ground up. We have our own development team and average twenty or more enhancements per month. This makes us nimble to customer and partner needs and the ultimate authority on our platform.

Your eyes in the sky.

OEM Benefits

Customer Benefits

OEM Marketplace Differentiation
Marketplace Differentiation

Increase customer loyalty; improve equipment uptime by providing run hours, location, and add value by automating maintenance and service needs

Customer Downtime Prevention
Downtime Prevention

Proactive monitoring increases machine health, reduces risk and keeps machines running

OEM Business Integration
Business Integration

Get the right data to the right person, at the right time without multiple touchers

Customer Remote Inspection
Remote Inspection

Reduce service trips by remotely capturing run hours and equipment data

OEM Warranty Period Enforcement
Warranty Period Enforcement

Stand by your equipment and stay up-to-date on warranties, service and updates owed

Customer Utilization Tracking
Utilization Tracking

Make decisions based on actual equipment usage

OEM Increase Parts and Consumables Sales
Increase Parts and Consumables Sales

Get access to the data needed to automate service and sell directly to end customers

Customer GPS Location Mapping
GPS Location Mapping

Real time and historical location mapping

OEM Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Leverage the location data to better manage supply chain and logistics

Customer Landmarks & Geofences
Landmarks & Geofences

See when an assets enters or leaves a defined area

OEM Customer Service & Support
Customer Service & Support

Support your customers in a more efficient and timely manner

Customer Jobsite Usage
Jobsite Usage

Automate job costing by setting hourly rates against run times in a defined area or job site

OEM Remote Compliance
Remote Compliance

Maintain compliance and control of machines remotely

Customer Proactive Maintenance
Proactive Maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on run hours; save time, parts and money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance

OEM Analytics

Get the data needed to analyze failure trends and improve product design

Customer Remote Diagnostics
Remote Diagnostics

Know what the issue is and take the right tools and parts on the first trip